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KQRS "House Band"
Duo with Jeffrey Allen
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Johnny Cash/Beatles Show
Commercial Vocal Demo
MN State Fair Schedule

Leini's/KQRS Patio Show w/ Jeffrey Allen ~ Cool Britannia ~ Summer 2012
                 w/ Jeff, Terri Traen ~ Leini's/KQ Patio Show, Summer 2012

Burger Moe's, St. Paul, Summer 2012

W/ Matt Fink (Prince & the Revolution) & Greg Deal,
Greg's Birthday Party, November, 2012.
Medina Country Club, February 11, 2012,
with (l to r):
Courtney, Breeyen, Lauren and Brooke. 

W/ Michael J. Paepke, Greg Deal's (fabulous!) Birthday Party,
November, 2012.     

W/ John Leinenkugel ~ KQRS/Leini's Summer
Patio Series Finale, MN State Fair, August 26, 2011.